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Astara Role Play | CRMP 0.3e

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Server Astara Role Play | CRMP 0.3e
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#NicknameTime on serverLast activity
1EI_Kaetano7 hours, 30 minutes9 months ago
2denis_petrov5 hours, 30 minutes9 months ago
3Kirill_Maiboroda3 hours, 30 minutes8 months ago
4Aleksandr_Trubnikov2 hours9 months ago
5Ilusha_Arsenev1 hour, 30 minutes7 months ago
6Stas_Supreme1 hour, 30 minutes9 months ago
7Tom_Hardy1 hour, 15 minutes8 months ago
8Richard_Hardy1 hour, 15 minutes8 months ago
9Gta_Shnick1 hour, 15 minutes8 months ago
10Riccardo_Matter1 hour, 15 minutes7 months ago
11Ivan_Krutkevich45 minutes8 months ago
12Vitalya_Borodin45 minutes10 months ago
13Denza_Faradenza45 minutes9 months ago
14Egor_Popkin30 minutes9 months ago
15ARTEM_PYANYX30 minutes7 months ago
16Vladislav_Fesenko30 minutes8 months ago
17Yuriy_Groznui30 minutes7 months ago
18Ivan_Ivanov30 minutes8 months ago
19Andrei_Novikov30 minutes8 months ago
20Valeriy_Borov30 minutes6 months ago
21Danil_Bo30 minutes6 months ago
22Tom_White30 minutes6 months ago
23Serz_Malamura30 minutes9 months ago
24ARTEMKOVALEV22215 minutes8 months ago
25artom15 minutes7 months ago
26Make_MacDow15 minutes7 months ago
27Krok_Man15 minutes7 months ago
28Misha_Barabashov15 minutes7 months ago
29Serega_Kremenal15 minutes9 months ago
30Alexey_Krasnov15 minutes8 months ago
31Greh15 minutes7 months ago
32Richi_Galliano15 minutes6 months ago
33Savelii15 minutes7 months ago
34Gennadii_Radigin15 minutes7 months ago
35Vlad_Volokitin15 minutes7 months ago
36vlad15 minutes7 months ago
37Wowa_Zapolskih15 minutes7 months ago
38Artem_panyh15 minutes7 months ago
39Anton_Baffa15 minutes7 months ago
40Hero_00515 minutes7 months ago
41Tom_Rachel15 minutes7 months ago
42Yamaha_Graf15 minutes7 months ago
43Dima_Morozov15 minutes7 months ago
44Rom_Ivan15 minutes6 months ago
45Dmetrenko_Nekit15 minutes8 months ago
46Basaev_Maga15 minutes8 months ago
47Valera_ads15 minutes9 months ago
48Eric_Sanchez15 minutes9 months ago
49Insta_Capone15 minutes9 months ago
50tima15 minutes10 months ago
51Dalbaev_Dima15 minutes9 months ago
52Joe_Aistov15 minutes9 months ago
53_nikitosik_15 minutes9 months ago
54Dimas_Ruduyk15 minutes9 months ago
55Vladislav_Balan15 minutes9 months ago
56Marshall_Wathers15 minutes9 months ago
57Anastasia_Ermolova15 minutes9 months ago
58Marshall_Mathers15 minutes10 months ago
59Roman_Tagaev15 minutes9 months ago
60Kirill_Ivanov15 minutes9 months ago
61Anton_Pi15 minutes8 months ago
62Nikita_Koptev15 minutes8 months ago
63Jordan_Walton15 minutes8 months ago
64Maxim_Shel15 minutes8 months ago
65Leyba15 minutes8 months ago
66Andrey_Smolov15 minutes8 months ago
67Bruno_Selski15 minutes8 months ago
68Anton_Rous15 minutes8 months ago
69Momin_Sibiryakov15 minutes9 months ago
70Stanislav_Osipov15 minutes9 months ago
71sasha_hlebnikov15 minutes9 months ago
72Nikita_Subota15 minutes9 months ago
73Auiama_Kairbec15 minutes10 months ago

Attaching in the top

If your server has not yet managed to earn many positive ratings - for sure it is far from the first positions. And you have the opportunity to fix it! If your server has not had time to earn many positive ratings - for sure it is far from the first positions. And you have the opportunity to fix it!

How it works?

After the order of this service the server automatically rises to the first positions of the rating. Note! Despite the fact that the server has an advantage over servers without fixing in TOP, this does not guarantee that your server will always be in the first place. Even among the fixed servers, sorting by rating takes place.

The cost of fixing the server?

The current cost of securing the server is 10rub per day.

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Rating Server Players

2.24 / 10

Astara Role Play | CRMP 0.3e :8006

0 / 40

Highlighting the server with color

Color allocation has a positive effect on attracting new players, thanks to its catchy appearance.

How to order a selection with color?

To order a color highlighting, you just need to go to the page of the server you are interested in, and click the button "Buy a selection with color". In the pop-up window, you just need to select the color you want to allocate the server, and also select the number of days.

The cost of color highlighting?

The current cost of color allocation is 5rub per day.

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