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#NicknameTime on serverLast activity
1Tony Buccino5 days, 11 hours, 45 minutesa day ago
2Titi Psycko™4 days, 21 hours, 15 minutes20 hours ago
3Nicolas Pringston3 days, 15 hours, 45 minutes15 days ago
4juan nieve3 days, 11 hours, 15 minutes2 days ago
5Maxime Côté3 days, 8 hours, 15 minutes16 days ago
6Mickael Koshka2 days, 16 hours, 15 minutes18 hours ago
7Dragonir44 (Pierre Laroche)2 days, 11 hours23 hours ago
8Daco Bellic1 day, 14 hours11 days ago
9Gaétan Pringston1 day, 8 hours15 days ago
10Psylvia Poskava1 day, 4 hours, 45 minutes20 days ago
11Antoine Jambon18 hours, 30 minutes15 days ago
12Magnus Spring16 hours, 45 minutesa day ago
13Gustaf Gustav14 hours22 days ago
14Ivan LeZébus13 hoursa day ago
15Warren Pierce12 hours, 30 minutes18 days ago
16Marcus LeZébus10 hoursa month ago
17François Min8 hours, 15 minutesa month ago
18Abdul Nicks7 hours, 45 minutes15 days ago
19jojo rakun (robert leqon)6 hours, 30 minutes15 days ago
20Gaétan Johanson6 hours27 days ago
21ROGER DUPONT5 hours, 45 minutes25 days ago
22BorisSmurf4 hours, 45 minutes9 months ago
23Bastian Lambert4 hours, 30 minutes16 days ago
24ComTV19954 hours, 15 minutes10 months ago
25Jozeph Lafonte3 hours, 45 minutes24 days ago
26Philip Petersen3 hours, 30 minutes10 months ago
27Samy B.I.d.U3 hours, 30 minutes18 days ago
28[FR]MagnuM_863 hours, 15 minutesa month ago
29Tomas Hood3 hours23 days ago
30Agraph Saturn3 hours2 days ago
31Bart Simpson2 hours, 30 minutesa month ago
32svend ove fra kommune2 hours, 30 minutes10 months ago
33Mathis Johnson2 hours, 15 minutes16 days ago
34Said Potrek2 hours, 15 minutesa month ago
35kilyam Malouki2 hours4 days ago
36Jonathan2 hours2 days ago
37Oleg Etaix1 hour, 45 minutes2 days ago
38Massico1 hour, 45 minutesa month ago
39Oliver Pringston1 hour, 45 minutes24 days ago
40BABA-YAGA1 hour, 45 minutes6 days ago
41chaismar1 hour, 30 minutes17 days ago
42CaptainCorsair1 hour, 30 minutes21 days ago
43lexarooopro1 hour, 15 minutesan hour ago
44fabregas601 hour, 15 minutes16 days ago
45yoan1 hour, 15 minutes13 days ago
46Lagall Bliff1 hour, 15 minutes26 days ago
47onyd0 ( jérémy spirit )1 hour, 15 minutes6 days ago
48lykeo1 hour, 15 minutes22 days ago
49jujudu441 hour, 15 minutes17 days ago
50black Ryder1 hour, 15 minutes17 days ago
51Léo Major1 hour, 15 minutesa month ago
52Mike Willis ^31 hour, 15 minutes3 days ago
53BOSSFISS1231 hour, 15 minutes10 months ago
54Robert Bidule1 hour, 15 minutes21 days ago
55ScarFace1 hour, 15 minutes21 days ago
56TheFRcRaZy (Jacky Kappa)1 houra month ago
57Jack Murdoch1 hour22 days ago
58Newar71 hour30 days ago
59ZeY csgo500.com1 hour30 days ago
60hamid scofield1 houra month ago
61Ayken™1 houra month ago
62guismo341 houra month ago
63ScotchyTAZ1 hour21 hours ago
64bnfpariscredit1 houra month ago
65KIMDUNORD1 houra month ago
66Sam Sonite1 houra month ago
67Marcel flantiers1 houra month ago
68madman1 houra month ago
69Jordan Blaize1 houra month ago
70Barrio1 hour18 days ago
71hermano sucre1 houra month ago
72JimoZer45 minutes29 days ago
73bignoob45 minutes6 days ago
74Dansk cool Gamer45 minutes10 months ago
75Nikooo45 minutes10 months ago
76flykeur45 minutes29 days ago
77toqaah45 minutes15 days ago
78ADN Keyshi45 minutes26 days ago
79Rondy Natla45 minutes24 days ago
80Said Memlouk45 minutes20 days ago
81Rico Polo45 minutes11 hours ago
82wisaxe45 minutes12 days ago
83Walid Kaïs45 minutes12 days ago
84Jason Bouchon45 minutesa month ago
85skyfragone345 minutes6 days ago
86naelpardo96145 minutesa month ago
87TRIPO45 minutes6 days ago
88Jonathan Morningstar45 minutesa month ago
89James Vuitton30 minutes17 days ago
90Yugo Hiroki30 minutes16 days ago
91Louis Rita30 minutes15 days ago
92milanchefkok30 minutes27 days ago
93mandu1301130 minutes21 days ago
94jimy26012005230 minutesa month ago
95zitruxx5930 minutes20 days ago
96Léon Baxter30 minutes17 days ago
97Alex Cité30 minutes18 days ago
98scilla30 minutes21 days ago
99Arnis LV30 minutes30 days ago
100gtdarkuss30 minutes21 days ago

Attaching in the top

If your server has not yet managed to earn many positive ratings - for sure it is far from the first positions. And you have the opportunity to fix it! If your server has not had time to earn many positive ratings - for sure it is far from the first positions. And you have the opportunity to fix it!

How it works?

After the order of this service the server automatically rises to the first positions of the rating. Note! Despite the fact that the server has an advantage over servers without fixing in TOP, this does not guarantee that your server will always be in the first place. Even among the fixed servers, sorting by rating takes place.

The cost of fixing the server?

The current cost of securing the server is 10rub per day.

Background color


Rating Server Players

1.95 / 10

[FR/QC/BE] ^8La ^8Taverne ^8RP 🍻 ^0| ^ ^0| ^5Mapping unique ^0| ^2FREEACCESS ^0| ^1Economie Réaliste :30120

0 / 64

Highlighting the server with color

Color allocation has a positive effect on attracting new players, thanks to its catchy appearance.

How to order a selection with color?

To order a color highlighting, you just need to go to the page of the server you are interested in, and click the button "Buy a selection with color". In the pop-up window, you just need to select the color you want to allocate the server, and also select the number of days.

The cost of color highlighting?

The current cost of color allocation is 5rub per day.

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