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Servers.Fun - monitoring of game servers with advanced and unique capabilities. At the moment, users of our site have the opportunity to add servers, view existing (their statistics, ratings, reviews, as well as WEB-modules for posting on their own sites); profiles of users with the ability to communicate; freelance (placement of vacancies, services (resume), and communication), the ability to replenish balance and purchase paid services. This is only a small part of the work done, and the list of functions is replenished regularly.
Each server in Monitoring Servers.Fun has an estimate of 0 to 10, can have positive and negative ratings, and to calculate the rating itself, Edwin Wilson's formula is used. The rating of the server is influenced not only by "likes" and "dislikes", but also by many related factors - online stability, the number of comments (with a peculiarity of their positive / negative attitude), the number of page views of the server and so on. However, even a new, but interesting server has good chances to be close to "large" and prosperous servers.
The basis of the rating calculation is the same formula of Edwin Wilson, however, unlike the servers - there is no possibility to put the user "like" or "dislike", however, many factors are taken into account, some of them: user reviews (negative and positive reviews have different effects on the rating), the number of comments / likes / dislikes left by the user. Even likes / dislikes on the comment left by the user have an effect on the final rating of the user.
Servers.Fun offers an extensive list of paid services aimed primarily at the possibility of rapid server development. A full list of services can be found on the page "Advertising". Pay attention, none of the paid services allows you to influence the ranking of servers / users.
In this direction, Servers.Fun offers, so far, not very extensive - but quite necessary and convenient functionality. If you need employees - just go to the section "Vacancies" and place the corresponding announcement. Be sure - in the near future you will get enough suggestions (do not forget about the need to specify contact information in your profile). In case you are in search of one-time / permanent work - you can go to the section "Services" and place an announcement about the provision of services in any area.
On the page of each server, the "WEB-Modules" tab is available, where you can find the ready server statistics available for embedding on absolutely any site. You just need to copy the code, and paste it into the desired place on the site.
If you are not satisfied with the finished WEB-Modules, and still want statistics - use the API.<SERVER_ID> - where <SERVER_ID> - The server ID for which you want to get information about the server. Please note that the data will be returned in the format JSON.

Example, PHP:

$server = json_decode(file_get_contents('<SERVER_ID>'), true);
echo "Players: {$server['players']['online']} / {$server['players']['maxplayers']} <br>";
echo "Server title: {$server['title']} <br>";
echo "Server address: {$server['ip']}:{$server['port']} <br>";
echo "Rating: {$server['rating']} / 10 <br>";
echo "Status: " . $server['status'] == 0 ? 'Offline' : 'Online' . " <br>";

Example, JavaScript:

<script src="<SERVER_ID>&jsVariable=true"></script>
<b>Players:</b> <i><script>document.write( + ' / ' + server.players.maxplayers);</script></i><br>
<b>Server title:</b> <i><script>document.write(server.title);</script></i><br>
<b>Server address:</b> <i><script>document.write(server.ip+ ':' + server.port);</script></i><br>
<b>Rating:</b> <i><script>document.write(server.rating);</script> / 10</i><br>
<b>Status:</b> <i><script>document.write(server.status == 0 ? 'Offline' : 'Online');</script></i>